When it comes to the hospitality industry, there’s nothing worse than getting a bad review about your service or amenities. It can ruin your entire business, especially if you aren’t the Hilton of this world and simply have one lone star cottage hotel in the middle of rural New York. You need the best online reputation management in order to take a hold of what your current hotelier is obviously failing to do for you.

When people are looking for a vacation away from home, they love to sip on their glass of wine while researching glamorous, cozy or economical places that they can relish in while they visit a new city and culture. You can sure as hell bet that they will check up on those reviews, and if they see the outrage in people’s cries, then they will run, run, run faster than lighting.

The best online reputation management will figure out what the main problem with your hotel is. Oh, you have rats in the kitchen? How about cleaning your kitchen every single night and getting an exterminator on that as soon as possible? Your service is god-awful? Well then you need to set up trainings for all your employees so that they can understand what the expected conduct is required for a hotelier.

Maybe you should even implement an Employee of the Month program where the chosen employee will receive a small bonus cash reward as well as hotel perks, such as the best parking spot and a half hour longer break. Figure out what kind of recognition your employees need to stay motivated and try to incorporate them into your HR policies.

The International Hotel School has accumulated some of the worst TripAdvisor reviews to show its students the important of hiring best online reputation management if they want to avoid such bad income-killers. One disgruntled guest said they wish the hotel that they stayed at would rot in hell, but they believe that it has already due to the state of mould and stinking cat piss.

One guest feared for their life by staying at a hotel in Manhattan. They saw a prostitute in the lobby getting paid by a dirty man, heard screams in the morning and even saw drops of blood on the plastic mattress cover. 

Published by Tauseef shah