Gideon looked closely at his men as they laid down their gear by the river. He was looking for those who cupped their hands to drink. These were the ones that God said he would use. Having laid down their natural way of fighting and washed their hands in the river, they had empty hands and clean hands. God enlists people by their character and their response to His River. Now down to 300 men, God told Gideon to go down to the enemies camp and listen to what they are saying. Gideon went down to eavesdrop on Midian’s camp and heard one Midianite soldier telling another that at midnight he had a nightmare. A piece of barley cake hit their tent and wiped out 30000 men. He knew that this represented Gideon and his army. Gideon was encouraged and said to his men “Arise, for the LORD has delivered the camp of Midian into your hand.” Judges 7:15 The enemy was saying Gideon is coming! A lot of the time we listen to what the enemy is saying to us instead of hearing what they are saying to each other. The wrong group is worried. Instead of being worried about the devil we need to listen in and hear what they are saying about the Church. The devil knows an outpouring of the Spirit is rolling in. The sons of God will appear on the earth before Christ comes back. He knows there will be a great awakening so he is trying to keep the Church from waking. If the devil can keep them from knowing who they are they can’t be who they are. If they are kept from realizing the strength that even 300 have in corporate prayer, he thinks he’ll be ok. I had a man in our Church who wore a tee shirt which said “I am the devils worst nightmare” that certainly should be true. Don’t put that tee shirt while you’re still arguing with your parents or your wife but that is what we are meant to be. We are not imprisioned inside the enemies POW camp waiting for the great escape but we are outside his camp as the invading army both God and the devil know we are. Friend, we are enlisted on a battleship not the love boat. We have a victory won by Jesus that must still be enforced by prayer and enjoyed by action – personally and corporately as the church in our city. If we listened in on the enemy’s camp we’d hear that they are worried. Let’s increase their nightmare.

Published by Jim Shaw