Hello everyone! Today I'll begin sharing a novel that I started working on around the start of the year. ​Nitro! Frog ​is about five friends who embark on an adventure to stop "bad feelings" from taking over everyone and everything. In the world today, it seems that anger, jealousy, selfishness, meanness, and other negativities have simply taken over. I feel that the best way to combat this is to spread kindness, joy, selflessness, and things such as these. I hope Nitro can help by adding a little happiness to everyone's lives.

"Nitro! Frog" takes place in a silly kind of world that's based on the mechanics of an RPG video game. Nitro and his four frog friends set out on a journey to lock the evil Malcore back up in the pantry from which he escaped. Along the way, they'll battle "Meanies", normal creatures that have been transformed by bad feelings, using the power of good. They have a long road ahead, but there will be plenty of friends to help out; some will be out of this world! wink wink​.

I came up with this idea while I was sick with a high fever, which means it's bound to be a good one. I'll be posting in 200-500 word increments so that you can get your fix and get on with your busy lives. I hope Nitro will become a happy part of your life! Enjoy!

Published by Tyler Deal