I've heard lots of beauty gurus on youtube rave about this product recently, and when I saw that there was an offer on all Nivea Men products in my local supermarket, I couldn't pass it up! I purchased it for £3.

First of all, the smell: it's fresh and perfect for dull, tiresome mornings. It's a little pick me up! It doesn't smell too strong in the bottle but once on the skin you can really start to smell it so if you're sensitive to smells, you might not like this even though it does say it's for sensitive skin.

The product has quite a runny texture and is milky white in colour but once rubbed into the skin, it turns clear and adds no colour. It also has 100ml (5.35p per ml at full price)  in which is just under 3x the amount my usual primer has in (22.83p per ml).

To start off with, I exfoliated and cleansed my face and applied moisturiser, let that sink in for 30 minutes or so, and then applied this. Now, I've seen some people use this product in replace of a moisturiser and others I've seen have moisturised and then apply this as you would an actual primer and since I'm only swapping one thing in my routine for another, I thought I would go along with my normal routine: moisturiser and then primer. Quick tip: a little goes a long way as it is quite runny and could get messy if you're not careful. It gets quite tacky when rubbed in which I guess is from the glycerin, which is the second highest most used ingredient after aqua (water). This is in no way like a silicon primer so if you're looking for something to smooth out the surface of your skin, this probably isn't the primer for you. Although, if you wanted to try it, you could try it on top of a smoothing primer to get the smoothing effect and the tacky base for your foundation to adhere to.

I wouldn't say my  regular foundation, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, applied any better than it normally does but I will say that it clung to less of the dry patches on my face which could be another benefit of the glycerin. I didn't powder or use a setting spray because I wanted to see how the product wears by itself. I applied at 7am and will monitor it throughout the day 

 FIVE HOURS AFTER APPLICATION: It still looked the same as when I first applied. It's currently winter here so I don't have to blot AS much but I do still get a little oily in my T-Zone (forehead, nose, and chin) but with this, I still look matte and I still haven't had to blot or powder my face which is amazing. The smell has gone completely which, in my opinion, is quite disappointing but for others, this could be a great thing, especially if you're sensitive or just dislike quite masculine smells.

10 HOURS AFTER APPLICATION: I'm just about ready to wash off my makeup and I just wanted to do an update. The oils from my skin definitely made an appearance as when I scratched my nose and looked at my finger, I could see the shininess of the oil and some of the foundation transferred as well but it's like the balm stopped them from coming through before I touched my face. Gross, I know. 

OVERALL, I loved how it made my foundation last 1/ 2 hours more than it usually does and I also like how it kind of stopped the oils in my skin from coming through. However, I will have to use it on top of another primer which fills in my pores and smooths my skin as I don't like how the foundation looks on my skin without something to smooth out the texture. I would really recommend this product if you struggle with your foundation not lasting you or if you struggle to stay matte and have to powder a lot throughout the day.

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Published by Aimee Louise Smith