A gentleman who has been a client since 2008 noted that his Internet button looked different but just assumed it was a web update.  I informed him prior to this to ask about anything that appeared on his computer that he was unsure about, desired an opinion about, looked suspect or couldn't get rid of on his own.   His computer was acting erratically but he thought it might disappear if he restarted it.  When that did not occur, we investigated his computer.

We discovered a blue circle was proudly on display on the desktop.  This icon is one that looks like Google Chrome and acted similar while appearing friendly.  If you click on it, however, it will be anything but friendly.  I explained: If the program is appearing on your desktop you more than likely have a virus or two floating around that came in with it.  We removed Chromium after considerable effort, but his detection and discovering icons that changed on the display was invaluable.  He has very little computer or tech knowledge, but knew enough to ask if he had a question or issue and this helped him avoid more serious problems.

At one time this may have been an early version of Google something or other or software developer version of Chrome, but now it is nothing more than a spyware version which, as we have said, will place suspect items on your computer and cause it to run slower or perform odd or automated tasks you did not tell it to do.  This comes from using the computer or clicking on something that appears "free" but is anything but free.  By the time you get done paying a professional or for removal software, you are paying far more than you would if you just bought software outright or went to a trusted website to download it.  Or, if you are traditional, purchase a CD or DVD from a big box electronics store.  That way you know what you are getting.  In the case of music, do not download any music from free websites, I do not care what others say.  Pay the .99 to 1.29 per song and just be done with it.  There is enough uncertainty in life without stressing yourself out by bringing more uncertainty into your life.

So, until you receive computer service or can get rid of it somehow with legitimate spyware removal software, please do NOT click on it or use it.  Even if your kids and the people at work say it's OK!  IT IS NOT LEGIT!  IT IS NOT CHROME!    You may try to uninstall it from the control panel or by tossing it in the trash on a Macintosh computer, however it may reappear soon after.  You can also uninstall Google Chrome and reinstall it and just remove access to the illegitimate version of Chrome - Chromium.

Published by Kim Harvey