Romans 8:1 Teaches us that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. This is good news. What does Condemnation mean exactly? What if someone has come to speak to me about a particular behaviour they say is un-Christian and I feel bad, isn't that condemnation?

Well I endeavour to answer this. I hear very often from people, "so and so just heaped condemnation on me, and "I cant believe they told me such and such, they don't understand I'm under no condemnation".
Now these statements might be true depending on the situation, however I believe understanding what condemnation actually means will help us better understand whether a person or the devil is trying to make us sit under condemnation or if some bad habits or sins are coming up so we can address them by the Grace of God.

Condemnation itself is NOT a feeling. Feelings come and go, but its not a feeling. Condemnation is a sentence or judgement being passed on you without mercy.
Our New Covenant means there is always hope, there is always a time we can repent (turn away from the wrong to turn to the right way of living). We are never left without hope in any sin or habit we find ourselves in. So in light of that, condemnation is when a person or the devil casts a sentence on our behaviour without a hope filled end.

If I was to weigh down on your sin and call you all sorts of names and tell you things such as "you will never change", or "God could never use you", that would be condemning. That would be me putting a weight on you to change, and to make you feel there is no hope, without showing you the way (Jesus).

So we need to consider this when situations arise. Correction is very much in scripture. God will often bring correction to us through His own leading or voice, and also through other people. What good Father doesn't correct and teach his children. There are times when I hear a person talk about no condemnation purely because someone felt to bring the Word of God to them and they got  offended or embarrassed so cast it off as a condemnation. This may or may not be true. However when we look at it in light of a judgement being made with no hopeful outcome we can get some clarity.

If I need to bring correction to a person from scripture I always make sure I am encouraging them in who they CAN be, not the behaviour they currently are displaying. To focus only on the problem and not begin to call those things that be not as though they were, would be condemning. We are called to be encouragers, even when corrections need to be bought.

I want to encourage us all in 2 things.

#1 When the time comes and we have concern for a persons behaviours and feel to speak them, we need to be sure to add in hope. The Apostle Paul said that he doesn't look at man after the flesh (carnal nature), so neither should we. Just because a person displays a bad behaviour we must correct with meekness understanding we are also subject to falling.

#2 If someone feels the need to bring the Word to us in a time of correction, we need to discard any condemnation but receive truth. If the person coming to us is coming in a Spirit of love we need to go to the Holy Ghost and ask Him to give us the Grace needed to help us. Let's not let offence stop us from receiving from God. Let's not let offence cause us to write everything off as condemnation when God might genuinely be trying to reach out to us to better our lives.

I pray this has helped someone today. Be blessed and encouraged today.
Carol Eddington. xx

Published by Carol Eddington