Can you imagine what your house would be like if there were no drains, only taps.  Everyplace in you house that has a tap, requires a drain, any other way makes no sense.  If we are going to ‘input’ water into something, there must also be a way to ‘output’ that same water and doing it with a bucket just makes no sense.

    Spiritually, the same principle applies.  If we are going to read and study God’s word to ‘input’ His attributes into our lives, we also must find a way to ‘output’ those same attributes.  Just as pretending to empty out the sinks without really doing anything is useless, pretending to show God’s attributes without doing them is equally pointless.

    Consider God’s love.  We can read all about it in the Bible.  We can know it’s for us.  We can even feel His love filling us.  Is it really of any use if we just let it keep piling up inside of us?  Pretending to show it to others is not what God wants.  If we want Him to ‘input’ His love into us then we need to make a concerted effort to make sure that His love will ‘output’ to others.

Published by Ray Richards