Fear can be debilitating depending on its target. There are very obvious fears that we can experience such as fear of spiders, snakes, etc. there are also more subtle ones such as fear of man (what people will think of us) or financial and health fears. The list literally goes on. We need to understand however that fear really is not from God. Fear is rooted with torment. Torment will follow a person reminding them of an impending doom that is more than likely never going to happen.

Anxiety disorders are all rooted from this same spirit. It’s basically an irrational fear that will strike a person down out of nowhere. We have all at some time or another fallen for irrational fears or wasted time worrying over things that worrying will actually never fix.
Let’s see what the Bible says about fear.

(1John 4:18 [KJV])
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.
1 John teaches us that perfect love casts out fear. This word love is agape in the Greek and is a covenant word that means so much more than the love we understand. It is a holistic word including full blood Covenant responsibility and dedication from God. This is why translators have so many different words to try to describe it. Just a few of those are love feast, charity, dear and feast of love. The word itself describes Gods Covenant commitment towards His people.
The word can be likened to the Hebrew word He’sed which also describes love, loving kindness, benevolence and so much more. Its Gods heart showing forth, a desire to see His children blessed and prospered in every area of their lives.
When we take that into account we can see that we as covenanted children of God need not fear. We can stand in full boldness knowing that God’s Covenant love casts out any form of fear purely because His love makes Him bound by covenant to protect us in every area of our lives.
1 John also teaches us that which we already know, and that is fear brings torment. God’s desire for His people is for us to live fear and torment free. We can know that in Covenant all our fears are in God’s hands. We can rest why God takes care of those things.
I sometimes hear Christians get into modes of fear where they even feel as if there protection and deliverance from particular things will come through their doing. They will begin anointing there houses with oil and doing all sorts of crazy rituals which are all borne out of fear not faith. You can trust purely in God’s Covenant love for all your protection. Remember it is not by our works but by our faith that we will see our victory. These types of things can sometimes be done as a point of faith, however it is always through faith in Jesus finished work that will get the victory. It is certainly not the act of doing the thing that see’s deliverance. Faith brings the promises of God to pass.
Some will argue that faith without works is dead. In the context of those verses it is saying if you see a homeless person cold and hungry and you pray for him to be warmed and fed when you could have given him the blanket and food your faith is made useless. We should supply needs when we are able to do so, not just believe for others to do the work for us. Those scriptures are not trying to teach us to take our own salvation and deliverance into our hands and start works of the flesh. All works come from a heart of trust and faith in what Jesus accomplished when He shed His blood to make a blood Covenant with us.
Works of the flesh can be birthed from fear. Trust God with your fears today. Rest in His Grace and know that as you look to Him for salvation in every area, He will begin the deliverance process. We can read Psalms such as Psalm 91 which promises God’s children deliverance from all kinds of destruction, sicknesses and any other fear or torment that would try to inflict us.

My prayer for you is for heart revelation of God’s love towards you today. Understand that God loves you so much that He came down in the form of flesh man to bring you into a blood Covenant made with His own blood. Don’t let Satan rob you of your victory and Covenant blood borne rights.
Be blessed today
Carol Eddington

Published by Carol Eddington