Job 29-31 “No Matter What, Who, When, Why, Where, How…”

Why is the most asked question when we face afflictions and situations that seem ‘out of character’ yet one of the truths that Job has been seeking for his friends to understand is this: God cannot, nor will He ever lie. That is why God can be trusted. Although Job has been through the fire and continues to feel the heat, one thing he knows is this: God Knows All. Job 31: 4 “Does he not see my ways and count all my steps?” God knows all and therefore no matter how bad life has become and how despondent he is over this strange set of circumstances he will not walk away from his belief that God is God and He knows the reason---EVEN IF I NEVER DO!  If we fail here, Satan wins.  

God has, as one author noted, “locked himself in” to consistently adhere to the laws He has established and that is why we can trust Him. He cannot lie, change, break a promise or allow his power to be stopped. His word cannot be broken, annulled, and he cannot sin. All of these are true about God and that is what Job is clinging to even as he wonders what all of this is about. We too face these same dilemmas.

James reminds us that when we are in a trial to ask for wisdom and that is what Job is doing. May you be encouraged to know that as Job wondered he still trusted God. You can as well.

This is where the rubber meets the road and we must decide: will I trust God or not. Ask yourself: Has God been faithful in the past? Then you can trust that he be faithful now and as well in the future.  If we can say yea and amen to this we can know for certain that at some point in time God will end our suffering and if perhaps we need to know, He will also reveal its purpose.

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Published by Gaye Austin