There’s some philosophy that says that you must first attain your basic needs before going after other, higher needs. You need those basic needs to have, like, a basic level of happiness. Once you attain those needs and that happiness, then you can move on to bigger things and making others happy. But it’s imperative to focus on yourself and your happiness. This is important in middle school, high school, and college, but I think it’s a little easier if you’re still in school. Because when you’re in school, your primary goal is to graduate. After you graduate… there is no “primary” goal. That’s where it gets tricky when you try to start planning your happiness.

I learned this over the last couple of months (as you can probably deduce from my blog posts this summer). But I want to write about how cool it is once you do attain those basic needs and you can create steps to move forward in your life/career/dreams. Plus, making time and energy to make others happy is great too.

I’m excited to grocery shop for myself, specifically purchasing foods for breakfast and snacks. I’m excited to pack my lunch (note: I’m not excited to cook it). I’m excited to write more, as a mode of expression. I’m excited to grow professionally, creating my own organization system and trying new things. I’m excited to grow my work. I’m looking forward to being happy...

The immediate months and the year after you graduate are going to be really really weird. My professor told me that during my senior year so I knew this was coming, but I didn’t know exactly WHAT I was in for. Heads up, peeps—TRANSITIONING into adulthood is CHALLENGING. I’m waiting for the truly happy part. It’s like starting over. For 18 years, your primary goal is to graduate and now you have to start from the ground up. At least you’re not starting from absolute scratch ‘cause now you got an important piece of paper that tells you you’ve achieved and that you’re capable. But here you are… wondering what’s going to happen in three months, let alone in five years.

This is a little all over the place, I know. But that reflects me, right now. A little all over the place. A little happy, a little tired, a little frustrated, a little excited, a little confused.

But I’m looking forward to growing. That’s the final take away. Growing.

Published by Marissa Martinez