‘No vacancy’, her sign said

As I strolled by a second time

‘Why?’ I wondered.

Was her mind closed to adventure?

Or just closed?


I’d seen her in happier times

When her and I were one

‘I love you’, her lips said

I smiled, looked into her eyes

And held her hand.


Happier times than these!

Now, only lonely, all alone

Where had I gone wrong?

I looked, in awe, down the road ahead

And what did I see?


A car at speed? Oh, no!

A traffic light, changing to green? Oh, no!

A jay-walking pedestrian? Oh, no!

A couple, on a park bench,

Standing. Kissing. Holding Hands

Oh, yes! That’s what I saw

That’s all I saw...


“Sorry, sir – there are no rooms spare.

Did you see the sign? No vacancy.”


Huh. No vacancy

My heart had had no vacancy

Since the first day we met.


You were still there

You’ll always be there.

Published by Owen Tilley