I have come to realize that as much as I like the idea of putting down roots, I don’t like to stay in one place more than two years. Two years seems to be my breaking point, or maybe it’s just that I haven’t found the place my roots are meant to be.

I see my friends back home finishing collages and getting jobs within the small towns we grew up around…But, as much as I miss home, my friends and family, and envy the fact they get to see everyone they grew up with grow and change, I don’t think I would have been happy if I stayed.

I took the opportunity when it came. I’ve seen them post: On their bucket list pin boards, and everytime I see it I always think the same thing: “I did that.” I booked a ticket, I left, and…I stayed. Like I said, I do miss home, things about home, the places I grew up, how things are in my country (Canada) and the people I knew.

I’ll never know what my life would have been like if I would have stayed, went back, or had my hub move there. I do know that the opportunities I’ve had here, experiences, I wouldn’t have had back home, and most importantly, I wouldn’t have my son. He alone is an adventure I’m glad I get to have, no matter where life takes us. But, we’ve.. I’ve been in Atlana area for (almost) two years [August marks 2 full years], the past 9 months attempting to find a house, unsuccessfully. So I think it may be time to move on. I think we have outgrown all Atlanta has had to offer us, even though there is plenty we haven’t actually done in and around Atlanta. We are stuck in a rut, and we just aren’t happy anymore.

I think how I feel is best captured by this quote:

So here’s how I see it: we are in our early twenties, and our son is still young, the world is our oyster. We have nothing holding us back, hub has been at his job 6 years this fall, and has past outgrown it, there is no moving up for him, (or even laterally) and I run my little shop from home online. I have no family and I haven’t made any close friends here, and we really need to move out of my in-laws house, other than the obvious growing up that needs to happen, we have very different lifestyles which doesn’t support what I want for my child. So it’s on to bigger and better places, new people an experiences. Yes it’s scary to make a big change, to go out on your own, to have to completely rely only on yourself, but it’s a natural process, that has to happen at some point in your life.

We don’t belong here.

img_4923-2I’m not sure where exactly we’ll end up, but God will help us figure that out. We’ve chosen a date, and we’ve set a plan. It’s time for bigger and better things, new places, sights, smells and experiences.




Published by Katrina Tschirhart