People mill throughout a bustling city, coated in the voluptuous darkness of night. Voices peel their cries, heartrending with agony. Voices nestled in multitudinous pockets found within every thriving hive. Voices diminished to distant echoes on the edge of hearing. Without fear, courage cannot exist. Without love, fear and hate cannot be fully understood. The lines blur sometimes, sometimes they’re profound and clear. In a sinister recess of a forsaken alley, a woman’s voice is muffled by a merciless, brutish hand. In the cold light of the moon, four immense and threatening shadows loom over and obscure a much slighter profile. A minute is paramount to eternity for the endangered lady. The people that scuttle on by are not unaware, they are not unconscious but they choose to be passive. It is a choice, fear is no valid reason. Our nondescript hero hears the scuffle, the muffled cry. He is not void of fear, his heart stoutly refuses the choice to which sense would adhere. None hear his fleet footed approach, intent on their victim, intent on the encroached. She checks his motion as he descends upon the horrific event. She pushes the leader, he is too sure, he begins to relent. Thrown into the momentum, the villain is thrown to the floor. The rest are stunned, their quarry flees and looks back no more. Our nondescript hero is now beaten to the ground. His brave flame and his name, lost in the darkness, will never be found.

Published by D Vaughan