I once saw a sign in an office.  It read, ‘There are two things in this world that scare me.  First, things may never get back to normal.  Second, this is normal.’  Have you ever had times like that, when you wonder if the world will ever return to normal?  We often seem to be in a time of turmoil and we hope for a time of normalcy to again enter our lives.

    The question I would like to ask is, ‘which normal?’  Do you want normal according the world, or normal according to God?  The world says it is normal for about 10% of the population to get the flu in any given flu season.  God’s normal says I can live in divine health and not have to worry about getting the flu.

    The world tells us that many people are born into certain lifestyles or living conditions and are unable to improve themselves and get up in the world.  God tells us that it is normal, with His help, to overcome any situation.

    In the future I am going to strive to live a life that is normal, not normal according to the world, but normal according to the Word of God.  For which normal are you striving?

Published by Ray Richards