'In this spirited comedy of manners Catherine Morland, a plain, unspoiled small-town girl on holiday in Bath, meets and falls in love with Henry Tilney, a handsome young clergyman. Henry's father, believing Catherine to be wealthy, invites her to be a guest at Northanger Abby, the family's country estate. Catherine, who has read too many Gothic romances and who is possessed of too vivid an imagination, views the abbey as a house of nightmarish horror — an aspect of the book that gleefully parodies the fantastic Gothic romances by Ann Radcliffe and other popular writers of the period. An amusing assortment of misunderstandings and plot twists result in the satisfying romantic conclusion characteristic of the author’s works.'

I loved this book.

This is the second book by Jane Austen I have read, after reading Persuasion I picked up Northanger Abbey, and after reading Northanger Abbey, I cant wait to read the rest of her novels.

This amazing book is a commentary on novels, gothic themes, and the shallowness of the upper class. I absolutly loved how these themes were woven into the story. It made for a highly entertaining read with both a few laughs and a few chills.

I really loved the youthful feeling this book had. Given the age of the book, I was surprised by how relatable the characters were. I guess adolescence has its pitfalls regardless of the era in which you experience it.

Jane Austen's writing consistently beautiful. I love the naivety and subtle and not so subtle humor that comes through in her writing. The ending of this book is particularly lovely, the way in which Jane Austen wrapped-up this story was absolutly perfect.

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen is a great book to start with if you are looking to get into some Jane Austen or to read up on some classics.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker