Author: Celeste Young
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Book Blurb:



Northern Spring is a life-journey of the Artist-cum-lawyer Evangeline aka Eva Mccarthy, who has located to an estate in Pennsylvania after a failed marriage. Her journey from being a manager of a car-wash to partner in a law firm is as realistic as could be. Her attempts to refuse the attraction she felt towards Mike or Michael Diller her boss at the law firm put her at a different crossroad in life yet again.The immediate families of both Michael as well as Eva are keen to see them settled. Will Eva find her match in Mike or is it just another tryst with fate? Every choice she makes leaves an imprint on her life, but can love be chosen or it just is to be felt? Go on this new-age romantic rendezvous with Eva McCarthy and Michael Diller with Northern Spring- At the Crossroad Book 1.
My Review:
The first time I saw this book, it was on facebook. The cover was so alluring that I wanted to have my hands around it. This is definitely one of those books that people would pick up when it is on shelves.
‘Northern Spring’ is



a story revolving around Eva Mccarthy and the people close to her. Initially, the story takes a while to pick up, but around 18% in, the story picks up in such a way that you have to keep reading it until the last page, and then you wish the second half was out already!

The characterizations are 3-dimensional. Initially, since many characters were introduced at once, it took a while to get used to them. The female characters are just perfecto. Each is different from the other and each has their own aspirations, likes and dislikes. It has been a while to have read such a collection of women. The way they embrace their imperfections was a delight to read.
Coming to the storyline, the author has taken care of tying even the minute details. The story starts when we meet Eva, who is broke as she trusted her ex-husband with all the finances and decides to take up a job. What happens next? Can she overcome her past and accept what the future has in store?
The pace and the writing style is quite mature, yet simple. It is fresh and makes up for an interesting read.
Overall rating:
Cover: 5/5
Story: 4.5/5
Characters: 5/5
Overal: 4.75/5

Published by Dhwani Swadia