It happened at the Drake Summer Sixteen concert three weeks ago. There I was, having an epiphany while dancing to the first verse of The Motto with my heels off. Here you have a man that people love so much in terms of his music and charisma, but behind him lie a pack of haters who seek enjoyment putting others down as opposed to clapping when he lands a big deal with Sprite or a collaboration with Air Jordan. This thought really hit home for I have personally dealt with celebrating my wins followed by cheers and applause. But the more wins I celebrated, the less claps I got. But why? I support my friends and get excited when they win, so why is it not being reciprocated? For the longest time I couldn't understand why for I try my best to see the good in others. For anyone who was dealt with this, please do not let it bring you down for not everyone has to be happy for you and that's completely okay! 

As a young girl, I would always invest time and energy into people who lowkey didn't like me with hopes of them changing their overall perception of me (people be talkin alot behind closed doors nowadays). It got to the point where I would do it so much that I lost a sense of who I was. It eventually got to the point where I caught myself and asked "Why are you doing this Camille?" I couldn't answer this question until I realized that I care too much about what people thought of me. I hate to say it but I wanted their approval to know that I am doing the right thing and for them to clap when something good happens to me. I cared too much to the point where I feared going out in public and wrote down my thoughts in a pink Kate Spade journal. I didn't tell anyone about my wins for I birthed the idea in my head that they didn't care. All I ever wanted was for someone to say "you did it," or "girl you killed it". When you invest your time and energy towards others, you often forget what it is like to feel appreciated. As of recent, I've come to realize that  not everyone is going to have the same heart as you. There have been moments where I felt completely naive in a situation that I would re-think it in my head and beat myself up for not knowing any better and holy, does it ever consume you. Some people just can't handle the idea of you being successful at whatever it is you decide to pursue. They hate the thought of you succeeding and by them choosing not to clap for you, makes them appear superior with the thought that they can do better than you. and to be honest, it's coming from their personal insecurities which have nothing to do with you at the end of the day.  Two years ago, I was stuck, unemployed and depressed for I felt that I had nothing and couldn't crawl out of the dark hole of misery I was living in. I loved fashion, I loved photography, I love to travel and I like to think I give good advice. But the question was how to combine all those aspects into one platform? After months of knocking my head on wood, the idea came to my head and well, you're reading it right now. 

Since starting this blog, I have become overwhelmed with joy for this platform has allowed me to show others who I really am which is a sassy, easygoing, street-wear loving girl with a conscious mindset. I felt so proud to have created a platform from scratch with no help where I can express myself and share my lifestyling moments with each reader. Even if anyone doesn't read my content, I can look back and say "Girl you did this."  I swear once you start doing something for yourself and you you love it that much, you begin to stop giving a #*$@ about what others think. Once I announced the start of this blog, I initially got claps and daps from my friends. But as I became more consistent and began landing collabs, the less claps I got and what's worse is that some of them were from people that I trusted and had love for, well, used to have love for. 

I always strive to see the good in others but at the end of the day, not everyone is going to have the same heart as you. Not everyone is going to support what you do. You could feed a third world country and I guarantee there will be a pack of haters in the corner plotting your downfall. The most you can do is keep doing what you love and understand that not everyone has to clap for you. And don't ever for a second, waste energy into explaining who you are with hopes of changing a person's perception of you. I am sure there are plenty of other things you can do besides wasting your time on those who don't matter. I would like to give a special thanks to Champagnepapi for birthing this revelation into my membrane during the Summer Sixteen concert. Drake, you'll probably never read this but... 


Anyone relate to this 6 God revelation? If so, please comment below =)



Published by Camille MacLean