So here we were, in a new town far away from the big city, we moved into a nice house, on a nice street, I had a room of my own and it was about 5 blocks to my new school for grade one. I have no clue to where my mother met this guy named  Vic, but it seemed like he just appeared and was in our lives for a while, it wasn’t long before he was living with us.

I don’t really know if I understood my mother was an alcoholic I just knew she was never around and this Vic character who had a weather beaten face, wrinkled from too much sun, big baggy wet eyes and he smelt like drying paint and beer was taking up all her time, I could just feel he was not a nice man. I remember my sister going on a date and ending up with food poisoning and ending up in the hospital, not long after that she moved out to live with her boyfriend (also named Vic!). Mom & her Vic took my brothers and I camping once, all I remember is they got stinking drunk and I woke up in the morning to see 2 naked fat people’s butts starting me in the face! Not a nice memory!

I was in Grade one, from what remember I wasn’t the teachers pet, not cooperative and a bit of a terror, there was a girl in my class, her name was the same as mine and of Asian descent, every lunch she always had a thermos of warm milk, well for some reason I just didn’t like that so I slugged her in the stomach! Why? I’ll never know!  I guess I was acting out, seeking attention because I was usually left to fend for my self, even now as I bring up these memories I shake my head thinking “what in the world was going on in my head”??  As the days past I got worse and worse.  When I knew my mum  was going to be home I used to get up in the morning and run to the bathroom, turn on the hot water and get a facecloth wet and extra hot and put it on my forehead so when she came to my room to make sure I was up,  I’d tell her I wasn’t feeling well, she’d let me stay home from school, but my plan always backfired, she’d go out with Vic and I’d be left all alone in the house again!   When we  moved in to this house it seemed the neighbors just loved us, then all  the sudden we weren’t welcome in there home, we’d be packing up and moving again.

The next house we moved to was a big place on a hill and the next door neighbors ran a slaughter house,  I remember the house had a big window seat I used to sit and play at it,  there was a barn and I believe a horse came with it because I don’t know how my sister Chris got a horse, she loved horse’s and she was always out riding around, I started seeing less and less of her.  My brothers found a dog from somewhere and a kitten showed up also, life was perfect! ha!  Someone had given the dog a bowl of food and it ate like it was starving, the kitten must of been hungry too as it ran to the bowl of food, the dog growled and turned to the kitten and bit it’s head off, I can still see the poor little kitten still alive dragging it’s head around the driveway. I don’t remember what was done with the kitten  or what happened to the dog. Just thinking about this  and it’s hard to even read it, it makes me shudder.

My mum and Vic started making their own booze, I remember hearing the bottles bursting them laughing and then the party started! They decided to drink the stuff before it was 100% ready, I’m sure it still had a good kick of alcohol in it.

This night was the first that I remember any violence.  I was sitting in the back seat of the car with my brother who was 2 yrs. older than me, my other brother who is 4 yrs. older was in the passenger seat, my mum was driving, it was dark , we were in our PJ’s and the car  was going backwards down the long driveway, it  was wet and raining,  out of the dark coming at the car was ” The Devil’s Brother, Vic!” face contorted, blood on his wet clothes, face and hands and he was foaming at the mouth, he looked like a monster,  he was trying to get my mum to stop the car so he could finish killing  her, she was crying and screaming at him and when he managed to get his fat stubby fingers in the drivers side window trying to pull it down  enough to unlock and open her door  my oldest brother jumped out of the car and tackled him, pushing him into the mud and slugging him a few times just enough to subdue him for my mum to get the doors locked, window up and my brother to get back into the car, finally we got out of the driveway.  I don’t know if my mum knew where we were going but we ended up at the local downtown bar/hotel where she rented a room, the guy at the desk must of known, he must of, I could see the pity in his eyes.

We were back at the house the next day and Vic was full of apologies, my mum fell for it hook line and sinker!  The nightmare was only starting.


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Published by Teresa Asman