Here are few suggestions for books you might want to check out if you’re looking for a creepy read!

The Top 5 Wednesday group tackled the topic of favourite spooky settings.  Nicole Creswell’s list includes A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab.  I’ve read Schwab’s book This Savage Song, which also certainly has a spooky setting.  Many people absolutely love Schwab’s work, though while I found This Savage Song to be a decent read, I just didn’t connect to the characters as much as I wanted too. 

ItsJaneLindsey offers up another Schwab book, The Archived, though unfortunately she notes that while the book’s sequel was published, the third book in the planned trilogy will not see the light of day.  Her list also includes the much loved Harry Potter and Raven Cycle series.

Of course, when you think of spooky fiction for youths, the name R.L. Stine is likely to come to mind.  Unfortunately, at least to me, his Goosebumps series always seems to get all the attention.  Fear Street deserves some love too!  So I was happy to see booktuber Jordyn LaRae looking at recent Fear Street book The Lost Girl

As I have mentioned in the past, the Kendare Blake Anna Dressed in Blood duology has long been on my radar as a possible option for a creepy story, and the Ghosts Inside blog took a look at both books.  The Anna Dressed in Blood review was overwhelmingly positive, expressing significant enthusiasm for the movie that is supposed to be being made.  FYI, Cameron Monaghan, known for his work as Joker(ish) Jerome on Gotham, is set to be the ghost-hunting Cas Lowood.

If you want something to get a little bit of that spooky feeling, but aren’t looking for anything particularly scary, Rachel Hawkins is an author you might want to check out.  I was a big fan of her Hex Hall series, which finds our main character going to a school for all magical beings, and when students start being attacked suspicion falls on her roommate, the lone vampire at the institution.  It sounds like it might be dark, but it’s really fun story.  Hawkins recent release, the middle-grade novel Journey’s End, tells the story of a supposedly cursed fog bank found by a tiny Scottish village.  It’s getting some mixed reviews.  Great Imaginations found it cute, but suffering from a lack of character development and an occasionally muddled plot.  The Reading Nook Reviews has a far more positive take, including praising the development of the friendship between the main characters.

Stepping into the world of graphic novels for a moment, Linkara of Channel Awesome included a somewhat surprising franchise in his month-long look at spooky reads.  Planet of the Dead takes full advantage of the ghosts that have always been part of the Star Wars Universe!

Finally, Epic Reads provides a list of twenty-four books that would make excellent Halloween reads.  Kendare Blake makes an appearance on this list, thanks to her recent fantasy release Three Dark Crowns, the story of three sisters with different magical gifts who must fight each other for the right to be queen.  The previously mentioned This Savage Song can also be found on this list, as can two books I have mentioned in previous posts, The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma and Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace.  I wasn’t a fan of The Walls Around Us thank to some significant problems with the characters, and would recommend you check out Suma’s Imaginary Girls before taking a look at this one.  Shallow Graves was better, in my opinion, though I wouldn’t put it amongst my all-time favourites.  But perhaps others will enjoy the books more than I did!

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