Here I am, lying in my bed, gazing empty walls thinking what went wrong.

Was it something I did?

Or were we simply not supposed to be?

I did love you. It was not a teenage crush or stupid attraction. It was love!

There is no explanation for it; I just knew it was love.

I fell in love with how you waved your hair.

I fell in love with the touch of your skin.

I fell in love with the melody of your giggle.

But, all these don’t even matter.

Because, maybe we were not supposed to be.

My soul shrieked for your love.

You made my heart pound like I have ran miles.

Screamed like a mad man; nobody heard.

Ran miles bare footed; reached nowhere.

Because, maybe we were not supposed to be.

Now that you are away, I could only see how happy you are.

I could have made you happy, maybe happier.

There would have been no pain of yours hidden from me.

Your face would have been the first thing I wanted to see everyday.

I could have given you everything you ever wanted.

But god dammit! We were not supposed to be!

I still imagine though, what it would be like to be with you.

What it would be like to gaze into your eyes instead of empty walls.

To hear you giggle instead of the silence of my solitude.

Having you wrapped in my arms so tightly that you could hear the screams of my soul.

So many questions left unanswered.

So many possibilities tagged impossible.

All because of one prospect;

Maybe we were not supposed to be.


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Published by Jaydeep Bansal