Ever tried Online Jewellery Shopping in India? Here are few tips that will help you decide from a host of options. With the sprouting of a number of online shopping portals we often tend to fall behind on what to choose and where to choose. Here are a few tips which would come handy in helping you where to choose from.


Free Shipping & Returns

While buying Jewellery online we often miss the touch and feel of the item, this may lead to a doubt in our minds, in order to not miss the little fringe benefits the portal offer such as free shipping, free returns, free home trails etc. it is advisable to have a thorough look at the shipping and return policies of the Jewellers.


Authenticity of Jewellery Purchase

Authenticity is the prime most aspect while choosing to buy precious Jewellery online, look for BIS hallmarked Jewellery irrespective of the amount of your purchase, for diamond Jewellery we can search for a GIA certification, purity mark, Jewellers identification mark, assay certification for gold coins/bars etc. These certifications carry a seal of security for our purchase. Also it insures us of resale value of the Jewellery we purchase.


Availability of Physical store

Availability of physical stores only signifies that the Jeweller is more established in business and in any undue instance of conflict one can always walk in to the stores to get in touch with an employee. This leaves us with more accountability than simply relying on virtual conversations.


Delivery Schedule

Delivery schedule is the most important of all aspects while looking to buy Jewellery online. It would be disappointing not to receive a Diamond Solitaire Ring or a Designer Gold Bangle you ordered for your big day. Hence, to avoid such mishaps consider reading through the shipping policy of the website and understand the delivery schedule to plan accordingly.



An open and transparent shopping portal always speaks about the genuinity of the company and the product. One should always look for the display of product dimension, weight, charges, stone details etc. This information gives us a brief idea of the item. Many of us fail to guess how small or big the product will look when delivered. Hence, don’t play the guessing game - you might end up disappointed if you’ve kept higher expectations. It is therefore, better to check the product dimensions and determine the look for sure. Many reputed Jewellery platforms provide accurate product dimensions (height and width) in millimeters (mm) so that you can precisely figure out the dimensions of your coveted design. Multi-angle image views also give us a fair picture of the product.


Gift Wrapping & Personalization

We may not always buy jewellery to gift others, however little services like these differentiate businesses. Gift wrapping would always make the surprise grow by another fold and creates an awe factor. Also look for other personalization services such as inscribing names, dates etc. These trivial yet important gestures add to the beauty of your online purchase.


Contact Details

See whether the website displays its contact information transparently or prompts us to send an email. Think twice if the website shows only the email ID as their contact option. Best online jewellery stores will be reputed and authentic when they provide address details, phone number and a chat option along with the email ID so that you can contact them anytime. Successful sellers always feel happy to be contacted by their customers.


So, I hope with these few tips you will now be ready to search for your treasure online. Signing off wishing you a happy shopping season.


Published by Yamini M