This post isn’t some mind-blowing realization that I’ve had. It’s not some philosophical way of thinking that I’ve come across. This post is simply to acknowledge the self-improvements and inspirations that the people I’ve become friends with have created. I started this post with a single individual in mind, but through recent events, I thought I would include two.


Individual number one is someone very much like me, although more reserved. I’ve known this friend for only a few months, but we connected right away through mutual loves for music, gaming, and intellectual conversation. Throughout the months, I’ve seen this individual grow tremendously, especially within our social circle. The first time he came to hangout, he ended up staying far later than planned. I’ve seen him slowly come out of his shell and truly become part of our friend group, that is when he’s not working. I think we’ve become such good friends due to our similar natures and our style when thinking about problems. As time passed and I learned a little bit more about this individual, I have come to have the utmost respect for my friend. Learning about some of the hardships, struggles, and mental blocks that he’s currently having and has overcome has inspired me to challenge myself and to look at things from an opportunistic point of view. Perhaps I have inspired him as well, as he has started to blog. Cheers, my friend.


The second individual I wanted to address has been someone that I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs. Recent events and recent mistakes I have made have caused me to reflect greatly on what type of impact I have on my friends. Upon reflection, I realized that this individual goes to great lengths to give her friends a chance at happiness. From the thoughtfulness to the honesty, you’re an inspiration to what a friend should be. I still appreciate the time when you sent me flowers on a tough day; don’t think I’ve forgotten all you’ve done for me. Here’s to being a better friend.


As I make new friends and lose others, I realize that those who I surround myself with don’t always get the recognition that they deserve. While this post does not include everyone I surround myself with, I do want to give credit to these two individuals and their accomplishments.


Published by Jack Beck