I was on my phone the other day and I saw an image that said " If you wrote a note to your younger self, what would it say in only two words?"

This picture really got me to thinking and I found it very difficult to sum up what I would say in only two words. I could think of a lot of things that have happened that I would maybe want to warn myself about or tell myself to just go for it, but to sum all of it up in two words would miss out all of the important messages I would want to get across.

There are the short messages like "Never give up!" or "Believe in yourself!" or maybe even "It will get better in the end...I promise."

Even though these were the first things to come to mind when I saw the image there was no way I could fit them into just those two words until I realised all my problems came from one thing, I think about other people too much, and I don't mean putting them first. I mean more like being bothered what they think of me or not doing something because I might make a fool of myself.

So I came to the conclusion I that the two words I would write to my younger self would just be...

Be Happy!

Personally these words would be perfect for me because making sure you are happy can fix so many problems. Just do something you have been wishing to do your whole life just because it makes you happy and not worry about what other people will say or think. Just doing what makes you happy will change your life! 

So I leave you with two words

Be Happy!

I would love to know what you would write to your younger self, let me know?  


Published by Chloe Bullen