Nothing is ever fixed in this universe; there is always a ‘scope for a new story’, at any point in time. When you decide to fight, you write a different story and when you surrender, you write another.

In life, every act has a purpose behind it. Sometimes you get to know the purpose immediately, sometimes, years pass and still you will never come to know. You get help from someone or you help someone; you love someone or are loved by someone, you marry or get separated, or get separated to marry again, you betray someone or get hurt by someone, being born in a family, religion, and country with a particular financial status and die in another. Everything has a reason.

Sometimes you eat spicy food and sometimes you like to have sweet or bland food. Your favorite color may be orange but sometimes you might start liking another color.

In childhood you like to wear clothes with particular colors, but during teenage, your preferences change. Sometimes you get too adventurous and sometimes an accident makes you over cautious. Sometimes you are born humorous and sometimes a pain makes you silent. Sometimes you choose to sit near the window in classroom, and sometimes you like to sit in the front rows. Everything has relevance.

Sometimes a person might develop heart problems for no reason and sometimes someone’s sugar levels shoot up and make him/her helpless. Sometimes you beg to God and sometimes you worship money.

Some places make you sick while in some places you feel good and prosper. Sometimes the company of a person brings you pain and sometimes being with someone makes you feel alive.

Sometimes some relationships bring you struggle and your body organs start malfunctioning, while some relationships cure the oldest of pains.


Every happening has a reason; every relationship has good or bad impact. Life is never a compromise or an adjustment; it is an experiment we carry out continuously in the laboratory of universe; to check who all suit you and who should not be a part of your journey.


  • Nothing is fixed. There can be n number of destinies attached with you and each destiny you choose will have a different outcome for you
  • No one believes the reality that Universe abides by your plan. Just one change in your plan affects the universe and it recalculates the variables for you

Different people could be understood as different chemicals that you use while experimenting in a science laboratory. Associating or meeting them could cause good or bad to you. Sometimes a combination hurts you or might even kill you, and sometimes by an unknown experiment you might invent something great.

It’s on us what we choose; our choices make us and put us on this path of the unknown journey of life. Most of the people suffer from wrong choices. But lessons learned after taking wrong decisions shape our future and make us a better version of ourselves.

 It is only the existence of ‘Wrong’ which makes us realize the value of ‘Right’. This is why ‘Darkness’ is as important as ‘Light’. This is what the presence of ‘Demons’ tells us the importance of ‘God’.

This universe has countless equations and every equation has two extremes. We keep floating between one extreme to another.

Life is very complex yet easy, going behind the obvious gives you a better understanding of life. There are some ‘Secret Codes of The Universe’ which could make you intelligent and wiser. There is a process to understand after which you will be able to crack any puzzle which comes on the path of your life. It is like understanding and learning the ‘Binary language’ or ‘Machine language’ which will make you able to handle any computer program.

This understanding awakens your dormant powers which you were never aware of. Reading any mind, sending telepathic signals, changing life events, time travel, or even teleportation are few of the abilities which you learn in this process.

Life is all about finding the equilibrium between ‘Mind’ and ‘Soul’, and chaos starts when we go towards the mind or the material world.

The equation below tells us about two extreme choices. Remaining below 0 (zero) can never get you the key to happiness. However, material achievements could be there, but they will be volatile in nature. Material achievements always leave you with a vacuum when they get over, rather than happiness.

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Published by Nishant Dutt