Candies and  sweets are the most sought after food given the chance its part of the palatable serving in any occasion. Those jolly colored gums, wafers, white and dark chocolates and even candies made out of local fruits are a form of giving you the message of you were once a kid then. Tempting and indulging yourself to its strong invitation will make you feel fulfilled and make your day complete. Surprisingly you'll forget the parable of a tooth fairy and the sweetest taste buds controlled your mix emotions by getting addicted once more. Like a child curiosity and yearning to learn the different sensation of instilling thrill of excitement and the disgusting rejection as part of the early childhood process before accepting the fact that all is not the same even with those born as an identical twin. People like candies comes in any form, shape, color, ideals and beliefs and even tastes whether it'll be in their choice of color, places and even locations. Characters in motions are far better understand through simplifying differences like salty to sweet and sour to bitter tastes.

The power it provides to help maintain the right formula of body glucose preventing blood clots and blocked arteries. Dizziness emanating from low sugar levels just need to chew sweet candies and voila they're back to normal, athletes armed themselves with those super candies called power-bar which are made of chocolates with a little amount of sugar. Its form, color and even smell give the consumer especially the athletes the notion of eating the sweetest thing without worrying of gaining excess fats but muscles. People from all walks of life treat themselves to chewing one whenever it may warrant wherever they're maybe to  relax, chill and change the unwanted taste lingering in his tongue and mouth walls.     

Bitter - Sweet or Bitter -Sour candies are best served to those who needs to be awake and maintain  focus for a better output in whatever endeavor a person has. Drivers on a long trip keeps their mouth busy and help them forget the long and tiring journey to arrive safely to their destination.

Sour - Sweet candies is good for the kids in the morning to keep them alert even in the cold months of October till February and even rainy season. Wrapped candies made from dried fruits complement the true taste of a fruit with added sugar and flour to preserve its 

Sweet  candies like bars, coated chocolates and all gummy chewables as they say are fruits from Gods. The nirvana sort feeling makes us asking for more. It is in the sweet candies where we are all equal in terms of desire, salivating, confident and strong to assert ourselves in order to reminisce  the younger years of childhood.

Our health histogram when we hit the doctor for a checkup will always tells us the real status of our blood sugar levels, and to ensure that all the vitals laboratory result will come out A+ ok , we got to be especially responsible in the consumption of all sweets. We need to fend off our urge to these high sugar candies and even desserts that were being served in the buffet table. Diabetes is one of the prominent causes of deaths in the society and candies are attributable to this, Now , let me ask you this; Will you still indulge yourself to sweets for more than one occasion per week? perhaps per month? Think about it! 

Candies are created to be a part of our childhood and improve your taste buds from time to time but to indulge more than needed it becomes a self evident when you hit more than the normal levels of sweets in your system. Stay Healthy besides we can be sweetest even without candies.  Paquito

Thank you for being the sweetest reader of my blog, till the next one my dear readers! 


Published by Paquito Montero