Back in August, I set a goal to save $570 each month until I leave for my Asia trip in June of 2017. However, with my job situation (laid off and currently looking), I revised this goal last month to $200 for the months of November and December 2016. The goal is to save $6000 by next June thus I will have to look over my monthly goals again in the New Years.

You can read my budget report for the months of August, September, and October. Now let’s get into it. November’s travel savings!

Did I Save Enough?

By mid-November, I can see clearly that I was going to reach my goal of saving $200.

I wanted to do a little better since $200 was far off my original goal of $570. I decided to cut back on my groceries and gas bills and since gas is relatively cheap as of right now, it helped me out quite a bit.

By the end of the month, an extra $50 dollars was deposit to my travel account. $50 isn’t a whole lot of money but every amount counts.

What Am I Doing and What I Need to Do

Like I mentioned in my October budget report, I’m currently on employment insurance therefore I’m not making what I used to make. In turns makes it a lot harder to save than what I used to save in the past.

I want to show you and me that if we are determined in our goals, we can make it happened no matter what our current condition is. Change your plans but have a definite goal in mind.

For travels, mine was to save $6000 by June of 2017. These two months (November & December), I had to re-adjust my plans to the current situation I am in, while thinking of other ways to make this dream become a reality.

Even though I’m collection employment insurance, I’m still an employee at a Sigma 3 Engineering. Whenever there is work that needs to be done, my boss would call me back into the office. I had a chat with him at the beginning of the month, which we came in conclusion that it will hopefully get better in 2017.

December Goals and Plans

It’s Christmas time! With the holiday season coming up, we should all expect extra spending. With a big family like mine (over 10 nephews and nieces!), there’s lots of present to be shopped for. Luckily, a few years ago, we decided to do secret Santa which helped tremendously.

This year is a bit different than any other year I’ve ever been in as every dollar is tight. I’ll be extra careful of where my money is going into this month. I’ve already made a plan of action for the gift expenses and bills. We all need to go into these kind of situation with a plan and sticking to it as much as we possibly can and not blindly hoping that everything will work out.

The fact of the matter is that my work situation won’t change in December as I still do go into the office a couple times a week just to feel how the situation is and it doesn’t look good.

What do we do then? We look for other ways. I’ve been reading some money blogs that recommends taking a few online surveys each day to add extra dollars in your bank. Now this isn’t a lot but it does add up.

Other than that, $200 is the goal for December (aside from everything else we need to save in our daily lives such as investment accounts). Hopefully I can cut out some expenses and create some sort of extra income to help fund Asia 2017. 

Published by Duy Dang