Welcome to my November Wrap up. I had an interesting mouth of reading. I managed to finish 16 books (only 1 from my TBR pile). I was lucky enough to receive some ARC'S and I also did some of my Xmas shopping, which of course led to a nice book haul for me.

I have reviews up or soon to be up for all the books I am about to feature, so if your interested check them out. Due to the fact that I have reviews for these books im not going to go into too much detail about each of them here.

Without further ado here is November's Wrap Up...

Create, Narrate, Punctuate by Ramy Tadros: This was an easy to follow handbook on how to be a better writer. I didn't know what to expect with this book. But I am happy to say it was fantastic. With activities at the end of each chapter to help you put in to practise what you have just learned, This book wasn't just informative it was fun. This book is a must have for all writers/bloggers/reviewers.

Grace and Mercy are Free, and Hope is Eternal by Diane Herbert Brownell: I didn't really like this book. In saying that I do think it would be a great book for bible study or anyone teaching or learning religion.

Beauty and the Beast by Anne-Marie Ryan: Loved the cover and I didn't mind the illustrations but overall just didn't like this version.

Bambi Disney Vintage Collection: This edition of Bambi was perfect. Beautiful illustrations, an amazing cover and this version matches up with the Disney Movie. A must have for any Bambi or Disney Fan.

Alice in Wonderland Disney Vintage Collection: Beautiful cover and illustrations. A little too much of the story was removed or condensed for my liking.

Peter Pan Disney Vintage Collection: Great cover and Illustrations. The story was condensed a little but overall still a wonderful edition for a lover of Peter Pan.

Cinderella Disney Vintage Collection: Beautiful edition. Cover was beautiful, Illustrations were beautiful and the story is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

Hamlet by Timothy Knaplam: This edition of Hamlet is written in modern english. With illustrations and some original quotes it is perfect for younger readers or anyone new to Shakespeare. Highly recommend.

The Goblin Pony by Vic Parker: This book contained a collection of darker fairy tales. Some of these were new to me so I really enjoyed them. Best for a slightly older child.

Treasury of Fairy Tales by North Parade Publishing: I loved this book. I loved the fairy tales, the lay out and the amazing illustrations. This is a definite keeper.

What is Past is Dead by Mohammed Massoud Morsi: Three men, Radical Idealism and Hashish, it sounded promising. And then it did nothing for me. It was more like a chapter taken from a larger book. Not enough substance for me to enjoy it.

The Midnight Gang by David Walliams: I don't think David Walliams could write a bad book if he tried. This one had it all; heart, comedy, hope, friendship and just enough crazy. This is a perfect book for a middle grade reader, or to read with your younger children.

The Clock Tower Ghost by Gene Kemp: Loved this book. A cruel ghost and a cruel young girl battle it out for ultimate supremacy. This book was fun, funny and really well written. It's not surprising it has been in print consistently since it was published in 1981.

The Turners Camp Freakout by Mick Elliot: Book 2 in The Turners Trilogy. Such a funny, cool, exciting book, just as good if not better than book 1. I was lucky enough to win a copy of the previous book and it was fantastic so I was very excited to read the second one. This is turning out to be a great trilogy. I cant wait to get my hands on book three.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Original Screenplay by J.K.Rowling: OMG OMG OMG. I was so excited to get into this, that when I started I couldn't stop. I ended up finishing it in one day. J.K.ROWLING never disappoints. This book/screenplay is perfect. I held out from seeing the film untill after I had read this. Now im off to see the movie. If you havent read this go and get it now. You will not regret it.

Lagoona Blue and the Big Sea Scarecation by Nessi Monstrata: I won this book in a pack so I didn't really know what I was diving into. But I am happy to say I really enjoyed it. It is based on the Monster High Dolls, So I had some idea about the 'World' based on the toys and stuff I had seen in the shops. I loved the mix between story and diary entries, it really broke up the story and made it a fun little book.

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