And it’s on for another travel series! Well, not so much. Just had a quick Singapore stop a month ago. Yeah yeah…I was there again but hey, when your ticket gets paid for, you just have to go. And I just had to stop by this museum. I have been to multiple museums here but never got the chance sharing about it. But this one is just noteworthy with all its fancy lights . Let’s check it out!🙂

And that section named Crystal Universe is my fave part. The lights are just SO PRETTY! Yeah, all caps for emphasis. My friend and I stayed here for a bit and even went twice around it. It was the most crowded too. A lot of people flock here to do their selfies, groufies, ootds and what-have-you. Just don’t touch the lights. Yeah, might seem like I was touching the lights but my hand was just hovering above it. I could stay here all afternoon. It really was a show to behold.

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