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You will fall in love with the sexy artist Drake.

Bella Andre is another of my favorite authors. Her Sullivan Series is amazing. I am thinking about starting over from the beginning rereading the series just so I can give a review on here so other people will see how amazing the books are and pick up a copy and read it. But the reason I am starting with this book, is because the New York Sullivan's book 2 just came out and I wanted a refresher before I dove into that book. Plus since I was going to do a review on book 2 I figured I should reread the first book so you all can get up to date on this. All of her books in this series are stand-alone books so you can read any of them and be ok but it is better to start from the beginning especially the beginning of each city series so you will know who the other people in the story is. That is why I suggest you start from book 1 so you will know everyone that is being talked about. I love the way some of my authors brings previous people from the series into each book. It keeps the dynamic of family to me. Now onto what this book is about.

Drake Sullivan is a world-renowned artist. He has had one motto all of his life, and that is not to ever paint women. The reason behind this goes back to his parents and the destruction he always thought happened between them. His mother was his father's obsession and he painted her until one day when Drake was six months old she walked out and left them and then took her own life. After that his father was so broken he never painted again. He vowed to never be like that.

Rosa Bouchard is well-known for her families reality TV series. One day she wakes up and found out that someone from the television production put a camera in her room without her knowledge and took nude photos of her while she was getting into the bathtub then of her drying off. She was devastated and fled her home without anyone knowing where she was going. She went to a cliff that her dad had taken her to the summer before he died in a helicopter crash. She had never been back but the town of Montauk meant The End, so that seemed fitting to her. She walked out onto the cliff and let all of the devastation she was feeling out onto the rocks.

Drake was in a slump spending two months in his cabin trying to come up with some painting for his upcoming show. He had never been in a slump before and was at a loss for what to do to get out of it. When Drake looked out his window and seen a woman walking unsteadily on the cliffs, his cliffs. No one usually goes out onto the cliffs. She seemed really upset. He took off running out there to see if he could help. When he got close he notice she was crying so he stayed right where is was. As he started taking in her features he was getting an urge to paint her. He could not believe what was happening, but there was something that was pulling him more and more to paint her. He knew it was not right to go and ask someone so upset to come to his cabin to sit for him, plus the fact that he didn't paint women.

When he went back to his cabin he could not keep her out of his mind. He took out his sketch pad and without thinking about it he started drawing her. He needed to get out before he lost it. He went into town and when he was walking into the store she ran right into him. Drake couldn't believe his eyes that she was there, and was even more beautiful up close than she was far away.

She thought he knew who she was but as he kept talking she understood that he had seen her earlier on the cliffs. He told her she could come back anytime. She took off needing to get out of there before he knew who she was and before he called the press to her. Then her car started making a terrible noise.

Drake was worried about her and instead of going back to his cabin he turned in the direction she was headed and as he seen her car on the side of the road he was glad he went with his instincts. He seen that she was not in her car and drove a little further until he found her. Since he found out in the store who she was and what she was running from he wanted to help even more now.

He took her to a little Inn in town that her and her father stayed at and he got someone to fix her car. He stayed on her mind even after she got settled in her hotel room. She seen the next day that her car was in the parking lot and she knew she needed to find Drake and thank him. When she saw a note telling her that her towing and repairs were taken care of she knew she needed to pay Drake back. So to the cliffs she goes looking for his cabin.

Drake couldn't do anything but paint her. He tried to fight it but he just couldn't. When she showed up at his cabin and seen what he was doing she kind of freaked out. He told her the truth that he had no choice he had to paint her. They talked and she agreed to sit for him and let him paint her. But to start he just drew images of her. They spend some time together then some things were said and she left.

Drew didn't know what to do. He was going crazy wanting to hold and kiss her. He spent all night painting her. He could not get images of her out of his mind. His sister showed up the next morning and seen that he looked like hell then seen all of the paintings that he had done. He made her promise not to tell anyone about them. She told him that he was in love with Rosa and after he realized that he was falling for her after his sister left he took off after Rosa hoping that she had not left yet.

I am going to stop right there and let you read the book to find out what happens. I know you are going to enjoy it. But here is some questions you can ask while you are reading.

What does Drake say to Rosa when he sees her?

What happens with them once they see each other again?

Does Rosa give into her desire for Drake or keep him at arms length so he doesn't get hurt by her past?

What happens when someone in Montauk finds out she is there?

Does he get to paint her some more? 

Does Drake work things out with his father?

Does Rosa fight back against what happened to her?

Those are questions you will find answers to when you read this book. I am so excited to read the next book and I will be back soon with another juicy blog on the next book.

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope it intrigued you enough to go out and get a copy of the book to find out what happens. Would love to hear your thoughts if you have read this book already or when you do read it.

Until Next Time: Happy Reading.

Published by Donna Morrison