This was probably the hardest realization I have had in a while. I made it pretty obvious that I have a certain relationship with my writing and even with music. But, there was something that has been bothering me for quite some time, and I believe it was the time to full tackle it on. 

My best friend brought it to my attention that I was running errands throughout my life. This meant that I only did what I did to check things off an imaginary list, but did it really make me happy?

Something I wrote before called "I (Think) I Lost My Voice," only touched up on the fear of losing the touch I had with my writing. There's a certain amount of passion that went into every piece I have written, but I cannot put my finger to it. I want to figure out what it is about writing and about music that gives me even the slightest bit of satisfaction. I want my material to have pure intentions, and to touch people with my words. I just have not figured out what exactly it is that I want to put out there. I am still afraid to be shut down with what I put.

I guess we would have to figure this out together. 

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