Magic... an art form of delightful deception. A series of illusions that ignites the curiosity in our inner childlike innocence. Slight of hand tricks that offer an awe of imagination, creativity and trust. Do you believe in magic? In it's existence?

I think that there is an equal balance of minds that do and don't... the pessimists and optimists. See, I believe that in order to believe in this eluded art one must not only have an open mind to the impossible, but also have a slight belief in its reality. Let's face it, most of us start out in life believing in every magical impossibility as though it truly is possible. Allow me a moment to present a few examples...

How many of you colored eggs in bright brilliant shades for the Easter Bunny to hide around your house and yards? Excited to awake the next morning to check out all of the goodies that were left in the basket he left for you.

How many of you wear an article of clothing in the shade of green so that good luck will kiss your forehead on the 17th of March? Reveling in the Irish luck that flows through the crisp spring air.

How many of you were stoked to dress up on Halloween? Mapping out your trick-or-treating route, ensuring an abundance of sweet loot by the end of  the night. Spending weeks creating the creepiest/ coolest costume. The spook filled moonlit night, ghostly souls flying in the midnight skies. The Great Pumpkin.... you know what I'm talking about.

How about making extra sure that you were on your best behavior as you wrote a letter to St. Nick, explaining how good you were all year and then following it with a list of toys/ gadgets. Leaving out a late of freshly baked cookies with a refreshingly cold glass of milk for Santa to enjoy before departing your house. Up and down chimneys all night long, leaving beautifully wrapped gifts under a twinkling trimmed tree and in fireplace hung stockings.

Lastly, how many of you left your newly fallen out tooth under your pillow for a certain fairy to collect as you slept, leaving a few dollars in its place?

Magic is everywhere... it's not always what you see, sometimes it's just a feeling. Sometimes it's an illusion that brings amazement.  If you'd prefer I give a more formidable example then here you go... LOVE. 

If you believe in love, then you believe in magic. I told you, it's everywhere.

So, do you believe? 


Published by Derra Sabo