Warning: there’s going to be too much Tarte on my blog! Truth is, I can’t help love the brand and their products. For starters, the ingredients they DON’T use, like parabens, mineral oil, and gluten. Parabens are compounds to preserve make up and to prevent bacteria to grow however it was determined in a study that it can mimic estrogen and that could cause an estrogen disruption which is related to breast cancer and other diseases, it’s supposed to be safe in minimal amounts that’s why some brands still use it but nevertheless I don't want them anywhere near.

I am not really one to be called “100% conscious” on what I put on my body but I always like to inform myself on what’s safe and what could be harming me or the environment on a long-term so that’s one reason I love the brand other reasons are packaging, product quality, prices and how fast their standard shipping is.

Let’s talk about the palette:

It’s small, I gotta say I imagined a big wheel filled with standard size pans but it runs small. I’m not mad though I think you get a nice amount of product for the value you pay. The shades: mod, deco, surreal and culture are such bright pinky corals and so pigmented. Idol and crafty are highlighters and from my swatches I was pretty impressed, they’re not like out of the world type of highlight but perfect for a more natural glow. You can also build it up to get glowier. Icon, concept, montage and ironic are more of a mauve-pink shades and perfect for deeper skin tones. The 10 shades are new, they’re not part of any existent collection which is great, I was pretty impressed with the swatches, the color payoff is amazing, one tab and your brush is filled with color, it applies beautifully and the formula is rich and creamy. I love that it has shades for all skin tones and even highlighters because it makes it so easy to travel with, you don’t have to pack anything but a bronze.

I really recommend it if you want a multi use palette so go for it while it lasts!


Quality: 9

Creaminess: 9

Pigment: 10



Published by Carolina Cerdas