I have nothing to wear …

You’ve the choice of: dignity, self-respect, courage, modesty, honor, intellect,

competence, apparels sown by Wisdom- Vision the finest seamstress world over.


I hate women objectification …

You put up nude selfies, displaying your goods on a free platform for a price cheaper than a baby’s rattle in a 99p shop. And you wonder why young boys are in a haste to get laid without a care for where they lie and young girls no longer aim higher but lower; health and vision-wise.Slide3

But it’s OK I understand you had nothing to wear as virtue is not an apparel sold in a store near you and the problem of objectification is for the woman with a bad body image not for the one whose vision is easily summed by a word - self-gratification.

As Joey Boswell ( Bread, TV series 1991. Paraphased by me) said  'it's your body, everyones got one and anyone can do it.' But ...

We cannot take our bodies to the past with a mind that lives in the present, we cannot pick up a 'virtue' from the past (body confidence, naked and innocent) and promote it on a stage riddled with spikes and broken frames. It will result in certain carnage.


Published by Chioma Nwafor