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I have left the busy city streets for a few days and this time, I was in Nueva Ecija. Being in a province was truly relaxing and a break from all the crowded places in Manila. Plus, the green scenery did a great help in having that calm, relaxing feeling. Just visiting a province can be a way of destressing.

Nueva Ecija is known in having active farmwork, from cultivating the rice fields to the production of milk.


During my stay at Nueva Ecija, I have visited one of the dams in the Philippines which is the Pantabangan Dam. It was a long travel going up to the dam, however, the view up there was fulfilling. 😉


This is how large Nueva Ecija's land is for their rice fields - all things green. :)


A close up shot of what seems like little grass but actually are rice fields. The field were around 3 to 4 feet tall.

Of course, being in a province wouldn't be complete without some pictures of our furry friends!



So that's how good the province life is - simple, satisying, and refreshing! Once in a while, a break from the busy city is what one needs. So better visit the different provinces, and tourists' spots in the Philippines!

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