This is for those who hide their heads and their hearts in the hoods of their hoodies, hiding from the peripheral world and sinking into their carpal tunnel world,who let the lyrics from their ipod vibrate their eardrums and drown out the days ambient sounds...

To those who are the sleepless that lie awake in their beds
as the giant crickets serenade them outside the window with
blue love songs as the glowing rock in the sky illuminates all
the dreaming minds...
To those who’ve unstitched their hearts from their sleeves
and tucked them away inside a titanium steel chest, so that
no other swords may penetrate the scar graveyard and so the
cracked heart won’t split any further...
To those who are guarded and only reveal their true selves when the ink flows out from the tip of the pen onto a blank
page where letters form the words that form the true eloquence
of the writer’s soul...

To those who are searching the woods trying to find
the tree with the christmas tree door on it,
to find our something more,
to find our “what’s this”

Published by Derra Sabo