I haven't written an article in awhile. I felt like I had lost my voice; I still feel like I'm searching for my voice. My family and I relocated to another state. I've started another job. I went from being one of the regular staff who was training new nurses to being the new nurse again. I completely started over. We don't even have our own house yet. We are living with family at the moment. I love my family and am thankful for family members who help us with our new chapter in our lives. But... I cannot wait for us to have our own home. My dream is a 4 bedroom 2 bath home, preferably 2 story house, with land for my children to play on. This move has caused me a lot of stress. I'm stressing about putting money up for a down payment on a house. I'm stressing about getting my credit score up a few needed points to be able to be preapproved on a home mortgage. I am stressed about a new job in general. Maybe I should try the relaxation techniques that I teach my patients on a daily basis, huh....?

Published by Nurse D