I've been a medical traveler for several years now and have had numerous occasions to examine a sizable amount of Travel Company web sites. Many of them contain some sort of Q & A section that explains how they work and what they offer. I've discovered that the data given, while accurate, is quite incomplete.

Nearly all of what I've discovered the medical travel industry has been learned through the proverbial School of Hard Knocks. It occurred to me recently to create articles that expanded on the typical information given on medical travel websites, articles that presented (as Paul Harvey used to say) the "Remaining portion of the Story."

And we go!


Travel Company: On their the websites Travel Companies usually state a salary range that they give with respect to the form of position, your area of expertise and your experience.

Remaining portion of the Story: That which you are initially offered for a journey assignment is generally not the most effective dollar that can be acquired for that assignment. Most travelers merely accept what they're offered believing the "deal is the deal" for that specific assignment. I used to achieve that too... however, not any longer!

You especially limit your chances of getting the very best salary for your assignments if you decide on to register with only one travel agency. Once you do this, you share all leverage to negotiate for better pay. I am always registered with multiple travel companies so I could compare several potential assignments at once and negotiate for the best total packages.

You'll find so many other "pitfalls" in regards to getting the most compensation for your travel job. For example, it behooves you to clarify the stipulations for receiving certain types of bonuses and whether you have to work solely for just one company to earn those bonuses. Again, in the event that you work for only one company, you may unknowingly forfeit higher compensation in other areas of your benefit package for the business to provide you with those bonuses, where case they could hardly be called a bonus.

Remember, you can always, "work your best deal," (negotiate) with several companies while still remaining highly professional. Additionally, knowing how to request more will telegraph to a recruiter that you realize your company and will position you to receive the very best offers.


Travel Company: Travel companies always state they will provide you with fully furnished housing when you are on your own assignment.

Remaining portion of the Story: You might be asked to talk about a two bedroom apartment with another traveler, a stranger, who's working at your same location unless you know you can request a one bedroom separate apartment.

Some travelers have been "required" (because they merely accepted this arrangement) to call home in a long stay facility for the whole 13 weeks of an assignment. This is very cramped quarters and becomes extremely wearying after just a few weeks.

I have experienced travelers handle other conditions that were very undesirable such as having their housing located too much from the hospital. I had this experience on one assignment (before I learned to clear all that up in advance!). Every morning I had to create my way through 10 miles of morning rush hour traffic to achieve the hospital.

Additionally, fully furnished means different items to different people. If you never know what things to request in advance you can be stuck with things like a badly furnished kitchen (only a couple of sad looking pots and pans for cooking) as well as sparse and unattractive furniture (an ugly green sofa and purple chair spring to mind).

Knowing what your choices really are and how to request them is paramount to having a comfortable, safe, convenient and enjoyable living arrangement. Multiple considerations is there for the asking, but you actually need to ask. By clarifying in advance what I want and expect, and by making use of simple to learn negotiating techniques I've perfected over time, I now receive the most truly effective housing accommodations on all my assignments.


Published by Charlesa Gibson