If you've been reading my blog or watch my YouTube Video's since I started you'd know that I'm not a fan of nude lipsticks. All my collections belongs to the families of Reds and Pinks. I do not at all like nude lipsticks on my skin tone. I look Sick instead of looking better & polished. Probably because all the shades I ever tried were never meant for my skin tone. But a couple of weeks earlier I bought a newly launch lipsticks by NYKAA. I was a bit skeptical at first (as always) but I don't want pinks or reds, I wanted a more of maroons and plums. Then something clicked and wanted to explore more in different colors, so I ended up buying the combo pack, that consists of two nude shades and one dark shade.

The launched 12 new shades, mostly in the family of Pinks, with only 1 Red, 1 Orange 1 Plum. I got myself the Mischief Time combo pack for ₹1101/- It has two nude shades namely - Taupe Thrill & Naughty Nude and One Plum shade called Mischievous Plum. When I tried these shade I was spellbound by the nude shades, Of course I love the Mischievous Plum but this time the nude shades took all my attention. These two lovely shades are my first ever nude lipsticks that I fell in love with.


They come in cardboard packaging in their signature color a splash of pink & coral colors. The body shape of the lipstick is square fully matte black with the name of the shade at the bottom and the brand name NYKAA written in silver on one side of the cap. The Cap yasss... Its a Magnetic Cap!! For goodness sake who could have expected to get a magnetic cap at an amazingly affordable price of ₹399/- per piece. You don't need to put any effort in closing the lid AT ALL!!, it just snaps and closes. But I did have a problem with the magnet a numerous time.  Since the nude shades are my current fav lipsticks so I carry it around with me everywhere. It so happened that that whenever I tried to pull out the lipstick from my bag the cap comes off easily and the lipstick is still there on my bag, it did happen most of the time. Nothing big of a deal for me but I thought I should let you know that this happened.

Photo 20-11-16, 9 58 01 PM (1).jpg


The product name is So Matte but its not exactly matte, if properly described its soft matte. It takes way longer time than other matte lipsticks to turn matte. The color pay off is amazing. Long lasting probably eight hours, but if you eat during this time you might need to re-apply mostly on the inner parts of the lips. But for the first one hour after application it still is transferable. YES, that's how long it took to turn matte. Its creamy in texture, it glides on smoothly one stroke is enough to get the color. They are cruelty free and their high pigment formula is infused with Vitamin E for a soft, cushiony and flexible finish. It doesn't feel heavy or sticky or dry at all. It does have a very chocolaty smell but doesn't linger on when you apply on your lips. Once it turns matte it doesn't dry your lips, in fact it doesn't feel like you've applied anything on your lips. Which is one of the reasons I love this product.

Photo 20-11-16, 10 03 24 PM.jpg


Taupe Thrill: Its a lovely nude shade with a brown undertone and perfect for daily wear

Photo 05-11-16, 2 26 55 PM.jpg

Naught Nude:  My fav nude shade, this shade has got a pink undertone.

Photo 05-11-16, 2 29 35 PM.jpg

Mischievous Plum: As its name itself, it looks mischievous only. Its a dark plum shade.

Photo 05-11-16, 2 31 52 PM.jpg

The Taupe Thrill and Naughty Nude looks similar, but slightly different due to different undertone.

Photo 05-11-16, 2 35 18 PM.jpg

Note: The shades may look slightly different due to camera lighting.


Conclusion: The perfect cruelty-free lipsticks in the Indian market for an affordable price. If you are like me & don't want the pinks then this Mischief Time Combo Pack is Perfect. As its got the nude shades for everyday wear and even perfect for office. Not so loud not so low just the perfect shade. The Mischievous Plum, oh, you know where these shade would look great.  




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