Flitting, chirping, singing
Not a care for anything,
Adorned to perfection, nary a need,
Provision thus a wing and a seed.

Do you love, sparrow, or feel anything true?
Says she, "I see the morning sun and new settled dew!
I am feathered, non-tethered, unfettered, unrestrain'd
Adorned in all ways and in all ways trained."

Do you receive love sparrow, into heart so bright?
Says she, "I know not of love except my Father's Light!
I look not to the morrow only today
Rain's drops or sun's ray."

Who takes care of you, O sparrow, pray heed?
"I can only attest, I have what I need.
From God, adorned to perfection
Wings and a seed, a simple reflection."

O'er clouds God thus intervenes
With wisdom, wrinkled thought He gleans
Bother not the sparrow about love
It is Me Who is here to reign from above.

If I can adorn the birds who shall fly
Then feeding and clothing, they sweetly get by
So, now tell me now of your hindering quest
My child, so precious, yet with pondering unrest?

I fear at times, Father
When I am too low to bother.
I forget of the birds, all adorned
With all they need, pray my need ne'er scorned.

Be still and tenderly know,
I am God of all ages
All questions with answers
All battles and rages.

I love you now, cast off pride.
Whatever your need, I will provide
Adorned to perfection, wings and a seed.
If so the birds, then thee, trust My lead.

Published by Rick Stassi