I am not a morning person but I love to eat breakfast. If I get to eat breakfast my whole day just seems to go better! I love eating cold cereal for breakfast but the expense and amount of sugar I was consuming started to bother me so I started looking for a new option. Because I'm not a morning person my breakfast routine must be easy and quick because I tend to stay in bed as long as possible.

I decided to try oatmeal as my new daily breakfast. Oatmeal is healthy, can be easily changed up, and it's cheap! I saw ideas on Pinterest of how you can make overnight oatmeal, or oatmeal in a jar but I wasn't a fan of the mess. (Yes, that was too much work for me.) I discovered I could make my son and I a bowl of oatmeal without make any additional mess! Here's how I do it.

Boil water - I have an electric tea kettle that I use to make my french press coffee every morning so this step was already in my morning routine.


This is the tea kettle I have, it's programable and the temperature can be changed. If you are looking for a cheaper option I have heard great things about this one.




Pour old fashion oats into bowl - I don't measure because the whole point of this breakfast is that I'm not dirtying any extra dishes. I usually just fill the bowl about half way and it makes enough for my son and I to eat a delicious breakfast. A 42 oz. Quaker Oats, Old Fashion Oats is $1.74 on Amazon. Oatmeal is even cheaper if you buy it in bulk. This is by far one of the CHEAPEST breakfasts you can make and it is so easy!


Add boiling water and cover - Again, I don't measure, I just fill the bowl with water until the oatmeal and water are about even. It's so simple. To help it cook faster, I place a small plate on top of the bowl to trap in the steam. I let it sit for about 3-5 minutes. I usually make my french press coffee while waiting. You could also unload your dishwasher, do a quick workout, or get ready for the day.



Uncover bowl, stir, and serve - After 3-5 minutes I uncover the bowl, stir it, if it's my desired consistency I serve it! (If it's a little dry just add a little more hot water and let it sit for another minute or two.)


Toppings - I like to add a little milk to make it creamy and some honey for a nice sweetener. The great thing about oatmeal is you can do a different topping every day. Some great toppings are, fresh fruit, frozen fruit, raisins, honey, brown sugar, white sugar and anything else you want to try.

Breakfast is now cheap and enjoyable! And it takes me almost no extra time to make.

~ Liz





Published by Liz Hardcastle