Why Obama continues talking down to Americans remains a mystery.  Does he believe they’re short on IQ or is he working under the misguided assumption that the people no longer have a voice?  He’s wrong on both counts. 

The silent majority has been ruthlessly jolted out of a long winters nap and they are marching to their own drum.  They have every intention of making America great again, because they will restore the weak foundation of our Nation and will work until our Government is of the people, by the people and for the people.

Americans have just suffered 7 plus years of abuse, misuse and manipulation by the man some call “the Commander in Chief.”  He came to our table promising hope and change.  Hope was lost by the wayside, but change is exactly what we received.  Obama’s change that he promised has been a total disaster for our Nation.  

Obama weakened our Military, stole our healthcare, aided the terrorists with money and arms, opened our borders, and the dirty list just keeps growing.  Countries around the World perceive our Nation as weak and untrustworthy.  ISIS has been allowed to grow at an alarming rate and has infiltrated our Country. But, remember he promised change and that’s exactly what we received. 

Those who listened to his State of the Union speech realize that once again he was spewing lies right and left stating that 2015 has been a break thru year and our economy is growing and creating jobs faster than in 1999.  This is totally what is referred to as regurgitated, re - edited propaganda.

First of all the unemployment rate is fictitious and is only used to create a false security.  The jobs Obama brags about are part-time and a large part of our workforce is underemployed.  Meaning those who held good paying jobs are working at an hourly rate of less than half of what they use to make.  Second the Bureau of Labor does not count those who have giving up looking for a job. 

At this time there is approximately 8.5 million people still don’t have jobs, but they’re not included in the Bureau of Labor equation.  Over 7 million Americans are stuck working part-time jobs and millions of college graduates are flipping pancakes at McDonalds or some similar low hourly job. 

So regardless of Obama’s rhetoric – millions of Americans are out of work and have quit looking for jobs.  Millions are working part-time jobs trying to keep a roof over their head and food on the table.  Economists would be wise to quit shuffling false figures around because Americans know it’s nothing but a pack of lies. 

Our National Deficit has not been slashed by 2/3rds as Obama would like you to believe.  The Obamacare package that he’s bragging about has harmed businesses, families and the private individuals. 

Obama hasn’t kept our Country safe – in fact he’s placed our Nation in harm’s way by opening the borders, allowing illegal aliens refuge in sanctuary cities, making a deal with Iran that will insure they have nuclear weapons in the next few years.  None of us know how many ISIS clusters are in our Country at this time, but according to the FBI there are many ISIS supporters at this time. 

From 2009 forward, he has not deviated from his promise of change.  Valerie Jarett choreographed his agenda and he has obediently followed her marching orders.  He was handpicked, not because of his ability to lead but because he was one of the best orators of our time when in fact he had his trusty little teleprompter in hand. 

Obama is lost without his teleprompter and totally unable to communicate or speak without his handwritten speeches. This teleprompter problem is chronic and insinuates that Obama isn’t the sharpest bunny in the nest.  It does prove that Obama is nothing more or less than a human robot.  



So we are in a “State of Confusion!” Under Obama’s reign our Nation is tottering on a weak foundation due to his inability to lead.  He’s not a leader – he’s a destructionist any way you slice it.

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood