Someone has been trying to convince me about Tony Robbins

I've never really looked at any of his stuff, yet I have been put off finding out more because I see him as a motivator rather than someone who inspires.

So when the guru isn't there, when you are not plugged into the 'electricity' and the source of motivation has gone, you are left with nothing.

Whereas when something touches our heart and truly inspires us as it reaches our values, we can continue to inspire ourselves as it much deeper and more meaningful than a lot of shouting, loud music and 'fuck yeah, 110%'.

So curious to find out more, I started to watch the Netflix documentary about him and I stopped observing and started to judge.

However, herein lies the dilemma for me and most of us, and this quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti sums it up perfectly "The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence".

It's all learned behaviour of judging people before or during observing them.

Observe without judgement, reflect and still don't judge. Evaluate for yourself with an open mind. This way you unlock a very different world that previously you couldn't see.

I still may choose to see Tony Robbins the same way but at least I can do it without judgement. It's a question of unlearning and changing habits.


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Published by Philip Dodson