I am totally obsessed with everything Korean, right now! Kpop, korean food, the language and the country! I want to explore it all!

It all started very innocent… I blame the big black hole called internet and more specific social media! It started from a very short video on social media, where it showed a new song from a artist called CL. I was unaware what my next action would do to my life! I kinda liked the beat so I tried to find the song later that day and that’s when the Kpop train hit me VERY hard!

For about 2 months I have been obsessed with kpop songs, and that it very rare for me… I usually lose interest after i hear a song non stop for some time, but it just never ended! I am now to deep, that I just cannot get out! I now also have an interest in the language, and of course after a couple of months with the songs, you recognize some words and maybe even get to know what some of them mean. I just had to go a step further, me being so curious as I am, I have come up with the totally stupid idea to maybe even begin to learn the language.

I have always loved to learn different languages and I always wanted to learn a language that was used in Asia somewhere, but never knew which one. So I guess that it's time to maybe begin with that. Just casually learning the Korean language.
I think that I actually have improved a lot since I started maybe a month ago. I am obsessed with watching different people, or maybe more specific in my case, different groups, talking korean, and I can really see that I have learned a lot since I've started. And last but not at all the least I can read the words! 
And it is a totally different alphabet than what I am used to, so that makes me so happy! 
I do not know what I am reading when I do it  and I am not that fast, but at a slow pace I can read it. But at least I can read the words... I guess that's something too, right? 
But I am getting better and I am very happy that I tried it and that I still want to learn it even when it gets a bit hard! I do try my best and that is the most important thing. 

If any of you want to try to learn a language by yourselves I would recommend to listen to music and see movies or just listen to people talking. Whether you know someone who speaks the language or, like me, has to find videoes of people talking it, it is very important for your learning process. Of course we are lucky enough that there are many different apps out there and different websites who are very good and can be helpful! But don't forget to listen to music and listen to people talking, whatever language it is that you are trying to learn. 

Happy learning everybody! 

Published by Elma Omukic