“Obsessed I shall not be with you,”

My mind powerfully says;

Still, when I look at you,

My heart tightly clenches.


Your eyes, two shining stars…

On the night sky;

And your lips make this handsome

Curb every time you smile.


My gaze is glued to you

As night sticks to the moon;

There’s no one else, but only you,

Who can get me high till noon.


Our love is not really a love,

But rather an obsession;

Cause I want to breathe you in

And keep you as a treasure.


You may love me or you may not,

It doesn’t bother me;

However, I still want

To get your company.


I should just give up on you

And live the life I had;

But how should I keep pretending

I’ve never dreamed of you?


“It’s wrong, it’s right,” my mind is saying,

Only confusing me;

How can I get rid of this obsession

That keeps eating me?

Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd


Published by Rebecca Radd