Kawaiibox is a subscription service, that every month, sends you a package full of cute things!

I just got the box of October, Therefore, I will post about the Kawaiibox of the month of October!

  • Karipori Candy Sticks


Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks nice, and it has a Pikachu on it.

  • Pikachu Coin Purse


2 Pikachus in one box – SCORE! lol, it’s nice and cute and purses are always useful!

  • Moomin Greeting Card



You know, I didn’t really see the Moomins and they kinda scared me..so I don’t really know what I think about it..

  • Disney Potepote Bean Plush



Minnie! I love her! and I think I will put her in my car.

  • Square Animal Spray Bottle


This is so useful for traveling, and I will use it the next time I will travel!

  • DIY Cross Stich Keychain Kit



I got one of these in a kawaiibox before, and I’m not really good at it lol

  • Cute Mechanical Pencil



It’s a mechanical pencil that looks like a regular pencil! it’s adorable!

  • Squishy Oreo Keychain

Oreo is not one of my favorites, but I do like it! but I don’t really like the green “filling” in this squishy.

  • Food Themed Stickers



I got stickers really similar to these in a former kawaiibox, but I like them, and now I want to have Asian food. OK, UPDATE: I checked, and I got the sam exact stickers /////:

  • Japanese Sakura Envelopes



These envelopes are so cute! I really like them! Again, I got envelopes in a kawaiibox before, but I still like them so much!

  • Happy Food Erasers



I think these are so cute, therefore I will not use them lol, I don’t know, I don’t want to erase with them.

  • Marukawa Halloween Gum


Again, another food thingie, which I haven’t tried yet but I think it will be pretty good.

Well, I really liked everything in this month’s box, even though some of the things are quite recycled, I liked it😀

What do you think? do you like the things in this month’s Kawaii Box? do you have a subscription as well? what did you get?
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and if you want to subscribe to Kawaii Box you can sign up through here.

Every month I also post about what I got in my blog, you are welcome to check it out here.

Published by Shay Mor