Today I began to wonder if I was the only one to see the odd things that go in America. We live every day without questioning anything. We go on with our lives to gain a dollar, to get things done, to survive. It can be having to raise our children, having to go to several interviews, having to go pay fines, having to go to the DMV and sit there for hours, having to go to the doctor’s office, and the list goes on and on. We are all busy doing something. We never get a chance to realize how odd these things might seem, well, at least to me. It seems we are all robots, always having to go to government offices to submit something in order to receive something. 

    You know, the only species that really live free in this country are wildlife animals but even they don’t live free. Every day they are attacked by poachers and their land has no piece because of palm oil plantations. These farms are destroying their forest and if you don't know what palm oil is, it’s in most of your junk food. I suggest to look at ingredient labels and not purchase any items that contain palm oil. Anyways, back to what I was saying, isn’t it odd that in order to live here we have to pay someone. That we aren't dependent at all. We rely on buses, subways, cars, planes, boats, to get from point A to B. Who drives those transportations? Not you. Why can’t it be like the old days, where many men knew how to use several tools. Is it because the population grew larger? Now, in order to learn something you have to pay because knowledge isn't free. Isn’t that quite selfish? 

    It’s silly how man made this sign, it’s put in the back window of your car. It's usually a shape of a diamond, yellow, with black letters saying, “Baby on board”. Now, I'm not saying it’s a silly invention. The product is perfectly handy, being that today there are many reckless drivers on the road but isn’t it silly that all of a sudden actions change when that sign is seen. Or least that’s how it suppose to be because the intention of the sign is to be extra precautious. When in fact, we should always be cautious because our lives matter too. All lives matter. Even those who aren't in the vehicle. Sitting in traffic is old anyways, nothing new, at least in New York City it is. My brother once told me, and I strongly agree with this, once you’re late you’re late. What’s the rush? You’re already late. 

    One last thing, the oddest of the odd. This goes out to everybody too because the chances of you ending up in a hospital or clinic are rather high. Reports last year show that one in four Americans visited hospital emergency rooms but this is not about accidents at all. Every year Americans are going to doctors for medications. The simple thing I would like to point out here is why are these doctors giving you medications instead of giving you diets. They just shove pills in your mouth, telling you to take these pills twice a day for a whole month. Instead of natural ways they give you substances made in labs, that were probably tested on animals. I understand if you have a serious condition, like a virus, which does need serious medication but what about giving advice on how to prevent it. “Doctor, my bones hurt”, and a slip is handed to you for a visit to the pharmaceutical. To me, I see money in rotation. I see patients coming back in less than six months, I see money in laboratories, I see money in doctors, who aren't really doctors but soldiers for the government. I’m sorry, I’m sure these people are all good people. Why is that, if meat, dairy, and eggs are all “nutritionally” complete, yet, there is a billion dollar vitamin industry. I say choose a plant-base diet, that is if you want to avoid the doctors. It’s like they say, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. I say look out for the odds and go even.

Published by Angie Green