Lana Del Rey, Where have you been all my life?

My Gangsta Nancy Sinatra

My 30 year old Nina Simone

My Sober Amy Winehouse

My Upbeat Billie Holiday

You extract me from my daily minutiae and inject me with your hazy symphonies.

In my mind I am wearing matte red lipstick and winged eyeliner and smoking a cigarette

You make me dream of Santa Monica beaches

It’s a sort of gritty dream, I would say.  Glamorous hair and nails while wasting hours playing with dirty boys. 

Dirty as in naughty.  Dirty as in unsavory.  Dirty as in fun.

These are NOT the guys that your parents want you to be with but weren’t they always the most fun?

Why haven’t I felt this way about singers before?

Hollywood Sadcore.

These songs sing to my longing bleeding heart, even though I am happily married.

This angelic voice haunts my ears.  Melancholy isn’t even the word.  There should be a special word created just to express the way that Lana Del Rey songs make me feel.  It’s the happiest yet heavy hearted that I have ever felt. 

Can you be giddy with sadness

The depths that these songs take me to is absolutely unfair.

Her lyrics place me in her dark world.  How does she do it

Songs of intense relationships, dramatic exits.  Long drives after a tumultuous breakup.

She lives in Malibu. How perfect is that

Lolita in the hood she is called

How could A$AP Rocky be such a polar opposite and yet a perfect songmate

She is white Keds.  She is your favorite pair of jean shorts. She is the innocence of the 80’s. She is pink bubble gum.  She is Los Angeles even though she is a New Yorker.  She is dripping sparkling costume jewelry.  She is a convertible at sunset.  She is lip gloss. She is Diorshow mascara.  She’s pretty when she cries.

I can’t imagine her at Disneyland, smiling and having fun.  I can’t imagine her waking up to watch morning news. Driving to Motor Vehicles.  Shopping at Whole Foods. Getting her car repaired.  

It almost feels like Lana Del Rey & Dita Van Teese were sent to us from a far away past.  Their style, their thoughts, Their beauty.  They are separate and yet together…in a world of their own.

Marilyn Monroe’s name is mentioned quite often when speaking of Lana. Marilyn’s beautiful heart and challenging life reincarnated. Her life put to gorgeous violins and dreamy lyrics pouring out her heart. 

Are these Angels in my ears? The sounds that emit from her perfectly pouty lips are definitely of the angels above. 

This is too important to waste playing on the radio.  This needs to be savored privately, with a cigar in one hand and a whisky sour in the other.






Published by Tanika Belis