About five years ago, we adopted a puggle named Odie.  He's a pug and beagle mix (puggle).  Odie's previous family had gone through some housing issues because of a flood and had to downsize their animals because they had to temporarily live in a small townhouse.  From the first day we had him, I was hooked.  That little wrinkly face and stout little body really stole my heart.  Don't even get me started on the adorable noises Odie makes.

Odie is turning 8 at the end of this month.  I know smaller dogs can live to about 12 or 13, but occasionally I get hung up on the idea that one day, Odie will be gone.  It's not a topic I like to think about often because it's upsetting to think that one day we will be without him.  Everyday I come home to cute little whiny noises and wagging-butt excitement from him and I don't want to ever be without it.  In fact, I don't know how I lived for so many years without a dog.

When I was 16 years old, my parents got me a dog for my Birthday.  His name was Dexter and he was a lab and collie mix.  I loved him so much.  Unfortunately, my parents had to put him down a few years ago because he had some neurological issues and that was really tough for me.  

On a happier note, even though Odie has some puppy arthritis from dislocating his back knees a couple years ago, he's still going strong.  He loves to play with his favorite toy, a stuffed teddy bear named "Bear."  He definitely loves food.  Anything he can get his mouth on is fair game to him.  Even if he's just licking something that used to have crumbs on it, he'll gladly do it because "there used to be food here!"  In fact, when we first got Odie he was very overweight.  The previous family said their kids used to feed him and he would eat the food of their other two dogs as well.  We helped get Odie's weight down by giving him half dog food and half green beans.  Let me tell you, he LOVES green beans!!!  If you're dog is overweight, I definitely suggest trying this.  It works and they seem to love it.

Happy early Birthday Odie!  We love you!

Published by Christine Murphy