Of Foes and Friends

By; Winston Tony




The big day knocked in style and the modern looking GMMSAC church was colorfully arrayed for the days function. As he arrived intentionally late, He skipped in through the backdoor and resorted to a far corner back seat. He sat there, his face burning with anticipation. The building was packed to capacity and the ceremony was almost quarter way. He was quick to locate his target; the bridegroom seated next to the bride at the front most platform. It appeared as if the professional Architect who planned the building had Johnny’s plans in mind. It was a huge towering structure with a huge backdoor and two exits on either sides of the front side next to the podium. At the top, they were both neatly inscribed EXIT in bold and upper case. The back door was labeled MAIN ENTRANCE. An aisle separated the congregation; ladies from Men in their sitting positions,


The costly magnificent wedding cake lay towering at the table like the biblical tower of Babylon. Major events were over and the chief preacher took over to unite the young couples. To commence with, he read the expected vows finalizing with “what God has put together no man shall lay a sunder” The couples stood facing each other in front of him like two well-dressed scarecrows. “Before the final union, any woman against this marriage?” He queried and waited anxiously for a three minutes of no response. “Once again any man who feels that our bridegroom and the bride should not walk down the aisle”. No sooner had he paused for response than the Jealous Johnny sprang into his mission, Right from the back, he followed the wide aisle with the confidence of a warrior headed for a battle field. His shoes interacted with the floor noisily. The sound was so disgusting that every face turned back with wide spread anticipation. Our man; Johnny did not blink an eye, neither was he in any hurry. Walking at a relaxed pace, he made his way towards the front of the surprised congregation. From a distance, he snatched a birds view glance at his target. He was evidently unease and a big frown had just occupied a bigger share of his face. He sat turning restlessly on his couch as if pressed by a call of nature. In his heart he should have felt like skinning this guy alive. The congregation stared endlessly with breaths held in fear. Anxiety showed on their faces. The atmosphere showed the worst was just about to happen. Our poor preacher once a pack of humor had gone deaf for words. The serious faced Johnny on advancing to the front row gazed at the preacher as if seeking permission and turned left headed for the exit leaving everyone bursting with amazement.


Published by Winston Tony