Episode One


"Another hit recipe!" The magazine was slid across the table. "40 chefs and I still can't get the best out of them." Mr. Ibrahim Malik leaned back in his chair and steepled his fingers. "This is a five star hotel with zero taste. People come here to make their stay comfortable, why can't we offer them better food too?"


Mr. Shakeel stole a glance at his employer, he seemed far too furious today. It was better to pick up the magazine and leave but he decided to utter a word or two in defense. " Sir, I will-" alas but he did not get the chance to finish his sentence.


"You will find out about this chef. Inside out. And get back to me in three days." Sufyan Malik chose the very moment to enter the cabin just when the poor soul left.


"Woah, what can be that bad bhaiiyya?" He asked playfully reading his face and took a seat across the desk.


"Look for yourself." Contrary to Sufyan’s jibe, senior Malik was not in a mood to play along. "This." He grabbed the magazine again and looked into the name before giving it to his brother. "Some Ms. Mirza is taking the world of food by a storm."


"Literally." Jr. Malik looked at his furious brother and then read the article. "This is not just any ms. Mirza bhaiyya." He commented. "Last year also, she created quite a buzz with her fusion dishes."


Ibrahim raised an eyebrow, still incensed at the lack of his staff and his own inability to be on top. "I remember."


"With those looks, you could just kill her."


"I have a better plan."


"Kidnapping her?" He asked with a grin.


"Hiring her." Came the reply in a serious tone.


"Why do you think she will leave her own venture and work for you?" He leaned back in his chair and questioned the strategic thinking of his brother.


"Because I will pay her more than she makes now."


"Well, money has been motivating human race since always and I won't be surprised if she said yes."




The small scale business is taking over the front seat as we witness successes like Ms. Mirza also known as the queen of spices. This young lady has once again won the hearts of many as she experiments with her fusion recipes.


Though leading a small venture, the dreams of this Master chef are far bigger and looking at her huge hits, one can only look forward to her innovations. Whether you are a fan of Continental cuisine or the famous roadside food items,  your food diary is incomplete without tasting the treasures of Ms. Imaan Mirza of Saffron.




"One more bite."


"No more." She deflected her employee's attempts to feed her the whole cake.


"C'mon Imaan, it is such a great success."


"And we need to strive to go even further, so pack up now and head back to the kitchen."


As she walked to her desk with a smile on her lips, she couldn't control the tears which threatened to spill at the memory of her parents. They would have been proud of her today. Their little girl was conquering the hearts of millions of people, just the way her mother had anticipated. She was where she wanted to be today, but not exactly how she wanted; alone. How she wished her parents had been here to cherish her success, to make her feel special.


God, she missed her parents.

Published by Amna Siddiqui